Programming & Channel Packages:

Q – Can I get local channels?
A – In the Greater Des Moines DMA, the local channels are available with both DISH Network and DIRECTV. You will even see them on the same channels you are currently used to; ABC on 5, KCCI on 8, PBS on 11, WHO on 13 and Fox on 17, etc. High definition local channels are also available on your satellite system and you can also add a off-air antenna that will increase the number of local channels you receive to 19 and is also a great back up during times of severe weather.


Q – What channels are available in each programming package?
A – To compare all channels available in each of our main channel packages, please visit our Satellite Page and click on the provider you are interested in. You can also call us at 289-4474 or visit our store for more information.


Q – What package includes the channel I want to receive?
A – The quickest way to see what package includes the channel you are looking for is by viewing our Satellite Page and click on the provider you are interested in. You can also call us at 289-4474 or visit our store for more information.


Q – Where can I get a list of all international and foreign language channels?
A – Both DISH Network and DIRECTV have great international programming and offer far more choices then cable. Because of the large range of choices available, if you are interested in international programming, please call us at 289-4474 or visit or store to discuss your options.


Q – Can I get only international programming?
A – The following international programming packages can be ordered as standalone packages; DISH Latino, DISH Latino Dos, DISH Latino Max and the Great Wall Package. All other individual international channels must be purchased in addition to a package.


Q – Can I block certain channels from being available on my TV?
A – Yes. All receivers include a “Parental Lock” feature to block selected channels from being able to be viewed. These locks also can block any show with certain ratings or keywords such a violence or language. Your installer will be able to show you how to use these features at the time of installation.



Q –Is there a commitment required for service?
A – With Dish Network and DIRECTV there will be a 24 month contract. There are certain circumstances when this can be waived by paying additional fee’s. Ask us for details.


Q – What will my monthly bill be for hooking up 1, 2, 3, or 4 TVs?
A – Everyone’s bill is different based on the receivers and programming they choose. We can do a side by side comparison of your options with all fees by stopping into our store. We can also provide this information at a FREE in-home consultation.


Q – Is there an additional charge to get local channels?
A – No, local channels are included in every package with both DIRECTV and Dish Network.


Q – What specials are you running now?
A – As an authorized retailer, Satellite City offers the same promotions and pricing as DISH Network and DIRECTV. Our equipment comes directly from them and you are billed through them. Any company claiming to offer lower prices may not be an authorized retailer and you should be cautious when considering doing business with them.


Q –What will it cost to add an additional television to my package?
A – Depending on what types of receiver(s) are needed for your system, there may or may not be an additional cost. We recommend you stop into our store or call us to schedule a FREE in-home consultation so we can assist you in deciding what equipment will be best for your family.


Q – Is there a set up fee?
A – No.


Q –Do I need a credit card to subscribe?
A – A credit or debit card is required to sign up for both DISH Network and DIRECTV. This is used to verify your identity and protect you from fraudulent accounts being opened in your name.


Q – Do you offer internet service?
A – Yes. We can provide high speed internet through Century Link as well as Satellite Internet powered by Exede. Call us at 289-4474 for more information or ask us about it when you call to sign up for satellite service.



Q –How long does installation take?
A – Installation time varies depending on the number of TVs that are installed but a general rule of thumb is one hour per television. Our experienced installer can give you a better idea of the time frame once they see the home and where the equipment will be located.


Q –How soon can I be installed?
A – We have a full staff of installers who work only for Satellite City and we offer installation five days a week. How soon you will be installed may vary depending on our schedule and yours but we strive to have your new service installed as quickly as possible. Be wary of companies claiming installation in 24 hours. They may be subcontracting their installation work to technicians with little experience.


Q –Can my service be installed using my existing cable jack outlets in my wall?
A – If your existing cable jack outlet is of sufficient quality, our installers may be able to provide service through it. Our trained installers will be able to talk to you about what work will need to be done at your installation before they start working or you can schedule a FREE in-home consultation before you sign up for service.