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Change the way you watch movies and TV forever with a Custom Home Theater. A custom home theater is one of the best additions you can add to your home for entertainment purpose that can be done within almost any budget. The big screen, high-definition projector, 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound and sub-woofer that will make you feel like you are right in the middle of the action. Add a PS-3, Xbox or Wii and your games will not only come to life but bring the whole family together.

If you are thinking about a custom home theater to your new home, or remodeling an existing room into a home theater, we invite you to come to our showroom and see what Satellite City can do for you. You can experience the amazing surround sound and crystal clear projector picture while enjoying yourself in a comfortable, plush reclining theater seat. We work with only the best brands in the home theater business so you will have a high quality home theater no matter what your budget. The best part is that every Satellite City home theater will be professionally installed by our experienced and trained installers.

If you aren’t quite ready to install a full home theater system we can still give you a modified home theater. Satellite City can mount your Plasma, LCD, LED or 3D TV including concealed wiring (behind the walls) and hook up existing components. We can also install surround sound systems throughout the room.

If you are interested in scheduling a FREE In-Home consultation to begin planning your new home theater please drop us a note or give Dan Scar or Ryan Murphy a call at 289-4474.

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